36th International Conference of 
Safety in Mines Research Institutes

October 25 - 27, 2015
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


The International Conference of Safety in Mines Research Institutes is among the oldest and most prestigious global conferences focused on enhancing the safety and health of mine workers the world over. 

The first International Conference of Safety in Mines Research Institutes was held in 1931 in Buxton in the UK, which was then home to the UK’s Safety in Mines Research Establishment (now part of the Health & Safety Laboratory). Since this time it has been held approximately every two years (with the exception of the Second World War). Over the past 10 years it has been held in South Africa (2003), Australia (2005), China (2007), Poland (2009) and India (2011). Over this time the nature of mining safety research has also changed. While research institutes still exist, research is also carried out by other bodies such as universities, consultancies, and even in-house teams within mining companies and mines. This is the first time the Conference comes to Canada, a country with a robust mining history of its own.

Who Should Attend

This event will be invaluable to academics, researchers, safety experts, and industry professionals for discussion and assessment of challenges and achievements in the field of mines safety and disaster management.